Introducing Marilyn Sears Bourbon

Marilyn Bourbon

We’re thrilled to announce that our upcoming “Friends & Family” issue will be illustrated by the talented (and generous!) watermedia artist Marilyn Sears Bourbon.

Marilyn describes her style as both geometric expressionism (an exploration of self through shape, color and design) and subjective historicism (an exploration of self through the past). She expresses emotions through her work by weaving pattern and design into a descriptive mood, which explore the ways human beings construct their world.

Many years of experience as a professional interior designer have developed her innate ability to see the negative space surrounding shapes and forms. She sees her painting as an exploration of women’s voices through color and design.

Surf & Sand

She has won many awards for watercolor and watermedia in juried shows, and has had her work exhibited numerous times in national, gallery and museum shows. She has also served as a juror in artistic competitions.  Risk-taking through experimentation is an inherent part of her artistic approach, so continued evolution of her style should be expected. She believes understanding ourselves and the world in which we live comes through experimentation, change, and expression of honest emotion.

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