Announcing our April Illustrator: Wiley Quixote!

Wiley headshot

Creatively, Wiley’s a jack of all trades, which—woefully, makes him an expert at none. Through the years, his creative temperament has led him in many directions – music, poetry, acting, drawing, painting (and made him hard to live with) – but his latest efforts with photography have proven to give him the greatest satisfaction since, in principle, it combines elements of each of his other creative pursuits with that longed-for sense of immediate gratification and a greater breadth of expression. He’s an autodidact with no conventional bona fides, but has the aim of establishing himself expressively through the love of, and commitment to, this latest and most gratifying medium.


He’s a music festival and show shooter, a candid and conventional portrait photographer,
possesses a great love of nature, and is working on several fine art photography projects in his studio. But hand him a camera, and he’ll shoot just about anything around him that piques his interest or reflects his perceptual aptitudes.


A fan of metaphysics, the humanities, and the people sciences, Wiley Quixote has a strong interest in Jungian psychology as a process of understanding life’s journey, and is fascinated by the human creature in all its unguarded simplicity and mysterious complexity. He tries to bring the historical and archetypal to bear in his photographic observations, while at the same time aiming to capture and express the living moment, the eternal now. A close relationship to the unconscious and his intuition are his mercurial guides and the limits of his imagination, pocketbook, and skills his only boundaries.


Prints are available for sale by request on a case by case basis. You may contact him at, follow him on Facebook and on Flickr.