Announcing Our October Illustrator: Elizabeth Leader

I’m thrilled to announce that the illustrator for our October “Shipwrecked” issue will be the talented and generous painter and mixed media artist Elizabeth Leader!

Elizabeth grew up in Saugus, an historic town on the north shore of Boston, Massachusetts. After graduating from Massachusetts College of Art, she moved to Upstate New York to attend the Rochester Institute of Technology where she earned an MFA, then worked as an art instructor, graphic designer and artist. Her spread-out family has kept her traveling between Cape Cod, Los Angeles and the Gulf of Mexico. These travels have made her acutely aware of trash and toxins in the ocean. Her home base is Buffalo, New York where she is surrounded by the effects of abandonment and pollution in this post-industrial city. This inspires her to work full-time on her art, using a wide range of materials and techniques to communicate ideas about people, the environment, and the stuff we throw away.

Here are a few teaser images to get you excited about our upcoming issue.

In The Gyre from the TROUBLED WATERS series

Auto Grave from the TROUBLED WATERS series

Elizabeth Leader
Tri-Main Center
Suite 509
2495 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14214