Best of the Web 2011 nominations




Well, I have finally made my editorial decision as to which three pieces I would nominate for Dzanc’s Best of the Web 2011. It was difficult, and many of the pieces didn’t qualify because they were not web-exclusive. There were so many I would have loved to nominate, but I also tried to take into consideration which ones I thought had the best chance of being selected, given what I know of Dzanc’s previous choices. Ultimately, if I was on the fence about several pieces, that was the deciding factor (I believed it had a greater chance of being selected). I only wish I could have nominated them all. But r.kv.r.y.’s three nominations are (drumroll):


Hungry by Jessica Handler (essay)


Weight of the Moment by Jeffery Hess (fiction)




What I Can Tell You Now by Tracy Crow (essay).


Thank you to all the fine r.kv.r.y. contributors and good luck to Jessica, Jeff, and Tracy!