Contributors Spring 2019

Lisa Boardwine (Illustrator) is an artist living and working in Grundy, Virginia. She is a Signature Artist member of both the Baltimore Watercolor Society and the Virginia Watercolor Society. Her artistic process for the work in this issue involves building up many layers of paint to form a “history,” then peeling or excavating through the layers to reveal what’s underneath.


Suzanne Burns (Peeling an Orange and The Hospital) writes both poetry and prose. These two poems appearing in the April issue of r.kv.r.y. appeared first in her full-length poetry collection, Look At All the Colors Hidden Here.


Bethany Hunter (A Fundamentalist Girl’s Guide to Cussing) is a recovered fundamentalist who adheres to the old adage that writing is cheaper than therapy. She writes for and about the girl who needed to know she wasn’t that weird and even if she was, she’d have good stories to tell later. Her first essay, “Barbie’s Going to Hell,” was published by The Furious Gazelle and “Behind the Pulpit” is upcoming this spring in The Other Journal.

Chris Jansen (Detox Unit – Day Zero) grew up in a notorious shithole called Albany, Georgia.
H has been a nursing home janitor, a paramedic, an IT guy, and, up until recently, a very dedicated heroin addict. He currently lives in Athens, Georgia, where he teaches boxing and cares for a disinterested guinea pig named Poozybear. He has a degree in molecular biology from the University of Georgia.

Kirsty MacKay (Common Blackberry and The Panamint Range) is a live storyteller who shares ancient stories from the Ohlone people of South Bay. She has been writing poetry for roughly three decades while dealing with chronic issues of depression and anxiety. She considers herself to be a fairly recovered woman who remains, nonetheless, vulnerable.


Patricia O’Donnell (The Blue Rigi) is the author of the newly released novel, The Vigilance of Stars. Her other books include the novel Necessary Places, the memoir Waiting to Begin, and the short story collection Gods for Sale, which won the Serena McDonald Kennedy Award. Her short work has appeared in many places, including The New Yorker. She is a professor of Creative Writing in the University of Maine at Farmington’s BFA Program. 

Bryan D. Price‘s (Sabine) poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Manhattanville ReviewMenacing HedgePortland Review (online), and Posit. He lives and teaches in the suburbs of southern California where he writes about time, memory, utopia, and its opposite.


Mark Putzi (The Worm Hunters) received an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 1990. He has published stories in Jazz Street, The Cream City Review and Wilderness House Literary Review. In 2015 he married for the first time. The family pet, Willow, is an internet star and a highly accomplished tortoise shell cat.

John Riley (There is No Point) has published poetry in Mojave River Review, Smokelong Quarterly, Connotation Press, Dead Mule, Better Than Starbucks and many other journals and anthologies. He works in educational publishing part-time and is a full-time nanny to his beautiful granddaughter Byl.


Whitney Curry Wimbish (Night Fishing) is an American writer living in Scotland. Her fiction has been published by MIROnline, and has received honorable mention in two Glimmer Train competitions. Her journalism/nonfiction has been published in The Baffler, The Financial Times, and elsewhere, and is forthcoming in North American Review.