Featuring Andrew Tibbetts


This week at r.kv.r.y., I’m pleased to showcase the work of Andrew Tibbetts! I met Andrew virtually at least five years ago, and have been a great admirer of his work ever since. Then late last year I had the excellent opportunity to meet Andrew in person in Toronto when we met at the launch of Margaret Atwood’s novel Year of the Flood. We are both slavering fans of the divine Ms. Atwood, so it was a special treat to share that experience with Andrew. And I’m happy to report that Andrew is just as delightful in person as he is on-line.


Then, earlier this year I had the opportunity to read his essay I, Suicide in a private on-line office for writers. He wasn’t looking to get the micro-essay published, just to share hsi work and discuss ways to improve it. But when I read it and recognized its power, I knew it would be perfect for r.kv.r.y. I promptly contacted him and plied him with all manner of flattery in an attempt to convince him to let me have this moving personal essay. Gentleman that he is, he gave it to me. And our illustrator did a fine job of illustrating it, connecting the /images of four creative lives sucked down the drain, lured by the seductive side of suicide.



Andrew writes with a brutal honesty and slicing self-reflection. He “goes there” when others shy away. He won the 2008 Malahat Review Novella Prize for his excellent story Dead Man’s Wedding. You can read an excerpt from that story here. I value his work and I value him and we’re pleased to have him in this issue of r.kv.r.y.


And, for your additional reading pleasure, here are a few links to more of Andrew’s fine work:


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