“If We Lose This Child” by Anthony Robinson

How pale are these stars which mark the hours
And like planets wandering in the deep night
These worlds of pain that never meet
Still circle on in distant pathways:

The cripple staggering on a nearby corner
And families living under the highway bridge

Oh, but his pain comes
So slow, so close!

In the shadow of the solar wheel
In the mysterious cadence of moon
In this death’s unseemly market:

Dark blood and white cloth



Anthony Robinson  is a co-founding editor of Transformation, A Journal of Literature,
Ideas & The Arts. He holds a B.A. in Philosophy from the University of California
at Berkeley (1978) and a Master of Science in Design, Engineering Technology &
Business Administration from the University of North Texas (1998). He is a design-builder
in residential construction, and a sculptor, when time allows.