Introducing Morgan Maurer

Morgan Maurer

Self-portrait, oil on panel

We are thrilled to announce the guest illustrator for our upcoming April spring/summer issue: Morgan Maurer! Morgan graciously agreed to adopt the next issue and has already begun reading the work we have accepted. I’m really excited to see the issue start to come together. Here’s a snippet about his work:


Morgan Kirkland Maurer is a painter currently residing in Portland, Maine. A 2002 graduate of The Maine College Of Art, Morgan’s work synthesizes his love for the representation of landscape and portraiture with more abstract compositional choices such as the interplay between differing pictorial depths and how surface, material and mark-making interact. Examples of his work can be viewed online at


And here are a few samples to get you as excited as we are:

The Four Songbirds of the Apocolypse

The Four Songbirds of the Apocalypse, acrylic on panel

A Breeze off the Bay

A Breeze Off the Bay, oil on panel


Amalgamation, acrylic on panel

Welcome, Morgan! We are so excited to have you illustrating this issue!