Showcasing Joan Hanna

Joan Hanna


Publication of Joan Hanna’s fine piece Breathing in our Shorts On Survival section almost didn’t happen. I’m sorry to say that in the messy process of transferring editorship, a number of pieces were misplaced in the shuffle. (If you submitted before this summer and have not heard back, please do submit again, this time using our handy-dandy submission page that can be fiound here. There will be no more getting lost with this system.) At any rate, during one of our email conversations, former editor Victoria Pynchon mentioned that she had received a piece from Joan (whom I was familiar with from a Facebook friendship, already) and I contacted Joan and asked her to resubmit her piece. I am so glad I did. Such solicitations don’t always result in a match, but I knew right away that Joan’s fine piece would be a perfect fit for r.kv.r.y.




Her story is a second-person account of surviving spousal abuse and with a few edits–which she graciously agreed to make–Breathing became one of the very first pieces I accepted for this issue. She has been a consistent delight to work with and her talents as writer are equally matched by her talents as reader and reviewer. In fact, we are hoping to make her a permanent member of the r.kv.r.y. staff. Details to follow! 🙂


In the meantime, please visit Joan’s blog and get to know this fine writer.




Mary Akers

Editor, r.kv.r.y.