“The Bus Driver at Night” by Kaja Katamay‘

Man in White T Shirt Standing on the Bus

can tell you what to watch out for, where to go. I don’t know
where to put my hands anymore –
neatly folded on the lap like a napkin? or resting
slack and supplicant like little martyrs at my side.
The bus driver at night could tell you where
you were, or where you would be. I don’t need to know
either, just want a chance at the wheel so I can make that slow, wide driver’s wave
through the windshield
as we pass a sister bus on a side street in the dark, warm inside and heaving close
as canes of sugar.



Kaja Katamay‘s poetry and nonfiction has appeared or is forthcoming in eye-rhyme, The Oregon Review of Arts, and Caketrain, among others. She lives in Portland, OR.