conflict revolution: mediating evil, war, terrorism and injustice

I have written a review of this brilliant, challenging and eloquent book which I’ll add to the journal in the near future.  In the meantime, here’s the Power Point Presentation on how you and I can save the planet based on Ken Cloke’s brilliant and visionary book, Conflict Revolution, Mediating Evil, War, Injustice and Terrorism or How Mediators Can Help Save the Planet (after the jump).


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Let me add that although narrative is not directly discussed here, prejudice reduction occurs every time we reveal by way of artistic expression our subjective experience of the world.  Over a lifetime of participation in political, social and cultural “revolutions” on a small’ish scale (civil rights; feminism, anti-war and the like) I have come to trust only art even though I continue to respect and sometimes follow those who would more directly change the inequitable circumstances in which we live.