Featuring Michael Milburn

Michael Milburn

We were honored to have Michael Milburn’s wonderful, unique essay “Hot Glass” appear in the Spring 2012 issue of r.kv.r.y. He currently teaches high school English in New Haven, CT and his book of essays, Odd Man In, was published by MidList Press in 2005.

His forthcoming book, Carpe Something, is a collection of poems and will be available sometime this spring.

Here are links to some of Michael’s other fine work:

“Tenants of the House,” in Readerville Journal.

Description: Buying a house once owned by a favorite author leads to some educational epiphanies.

The Sunlight of a Suggestion,” in Brink.
Description: College teaching always seemed like the goal, until the author found himself among poetry loving sixth graders.

The Second Education,” in Hippocampus.
Description: There’s more to teaching than “information that walks through the door and announces itself by light of day.”

Jack’s Room,” in The Montreal Review.
Description: An older sibling’s childhood bedroom embodies a world of influence and rebellion.

His personal website containing links to and Pdfs of his published essays can be found here: http://www.michael-milburn.com.