Introducing Jenn Rhubright


We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that the guest illustrator for the July issue of r.kv.r.y. will be the fabulous Jenn Rhubright. I’ve admired her work ever since I was first directed to it by Kevin Watson at Press 53. Kevin called me late one evening to discuss possible cover /images for my short story collection. As soon as I visited Jenn’s flickr site, I was an instant fan. Within about five minutes we found the perfect photo to use as a cover and contacted Jenn to request it. The result is a vibrant image that both perfectly reflects the title, and appeals to men and women alike:



Since working with Jenn, and being exposed to more of her photographic work, I’ve come to appreciate just how versatile a photographer she is. Her body of work is varied and beautiful and always fascinating. Classic cars and engine parts, stunning naturescapes, interesting people, and revealing self-portraits. I’ve included a few sample photos here, just to whet your appetite for the July issue. Jenn has been reading the poems, essays and short stories and designing or selecting an image to accompany each one. It’s daunting, but she’s already delivered some fabulous /images. I can hardly wait to see the whole thing come together. It’s going to be stunning!


In the meatime, enjoy a few samples of her work:



aqua car with fins



rock in the sea



green door and old man in white


You can learn more about Jenn by visiting her Facebook page (no really, she said you could!) or her flickr site.