Our October Issue

Bijou Graphique


We’re very excited to announce that the October issue of r.kv.r.y. will be illustrated by Dawn Estrin, a photographer and photo collage artist who also produces fine, handmade jewelry (with her partner George Wilson) through her business Bijou Graphique.


Dawn has pursued art since her teen years when she studied metalworking at the Cleveland Institute of Art. She holds a BFA in Fine Arts for painting and drawing. Later in life, she became interested in photography, a craft she taught herself and has practiced for 15 years. She draws on a vast collection of /images for her jewelry and photo collages.


Each issue we hope to highlight the work of a current artist, and collaborate with them to illustrate our fine poetry, fiction, and essays. Artists will be given the opportunity to read the accepted pieces in advance, and encouraged to select whatever /images (from their own work or the work of others) that they believe fits the writing in theme and tone. I can’t wait to see the excellent collaborations that result.


See you in October!

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