Showcasing the work of Kim Chinquee

Kim Chinquee


I have been a fan of the work of Kim Chinquee (Salsa) for a long time. Her flash fictions feel so real to me–gritty and unflinching and honest–and yes, even sexy. And all written with such wonderful economy of word. Can you tell I’m a fan?


And it occurs to me, that rather than blather on about how great her work is, how fabulously she writes, how cool she is in person, and on and on, the quickest way to make you a fan, too, is to point you to some more of her excellent work. So, without further ado, please take a moment to check out:


It Wasn’t Supposed to Be Permanent
Two Stories: I Wanted to Believe This Was My Life & Lockbox

Some Days He Could See

Please Just Come to the Door

And if those have whetted your appetite and you are craving more, here are links to her two marvelous (and very attractive) books: