“June Resurrection Loop” by Andrew Sutherland

Image by Cole Rise, used with permission.

when street cats
stare snake-eyed
and each snake carries
a cat’s-eye

when pot plants
only starve
or drown; and
even the dishwasher
looks super disappointed

when you put your fucking headphones on.

when the past
keeps breaking
its commitment;
perpetual resurrector,
these flowers
from a nec-
romantic heart

though the original is always chosen
over the re-make. and even now
I suspect I might be one of the
violent men, after all.

when the cum
is dopamine,

when paradise
is desire or
disgust, and it
never mattered which

when you tell a person how they are mistaken,
before they ever find the words to speak.

although maybe we are all here for
you to feel a little less alone –

tell me what I don’t know.
I’m waiting for you to say when.


Andrew Sutherland is a Queer writer and theatre practitioner working between Western Australia and Singapore. Theatre works include a line could be crossed and you would slowly cease to be, Jiangshi, Unveiling: Gay Sex for Endtimes, Chrysanthemum Gate and Poorly Drawn Shark, which was awarded the Blaz Award for New Writing 2019. He received Overland’s Fair Australia Poetry Prize 2017, and his poetry and fiction can be found in various publications including Cordite, Westerly, Margaret River Press’ We’ll Stand in That Place, Scum Mag, Proverse Hong Kong, Thin Air and Visible Ink.

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